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Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms Series 1 Hobby Collector Edition Box (Topps 2022)

Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms Series 1 Hobby Collector Edition Box (Topps 2022)

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Look for One Base Sticker and One Ink Well Parallel Per Pack! One Hit Per Box!

Stink up your GPK collection with 2022 Garbage Pail Kids: Book Worms, featuring some of the grossest, snottiest, crazy gags from throughout comics, books, poems, and other literature!

- All-New Artwork & Gags!
- Sketch Cards!
- GPK Iron-On Patches!
- GPK Patch Cards!
- Artist Autographs!


Base + Insert Cards:

200 All-new Literary-Themed Base Sticker Cards, including 100 a & b name characters.


- Booger Green Parallel - 1 Per Pack - Retail + Hobby Display Exclusive!
- Inkwell Black Parallel - 1 Per Box - Hobby Collector Exclusive!
- Moby Dick Grey Parallel - #'d to 199
- Sleep Drool Blue Parallel - #'d to 99 - Hobby Display Exclusive!
- Red Herring Red Parallel - #'d to 75 - Hobby Collector Exclusive!
- Fool's Gold Parallel - #'d to 50
- Printing Plates - #'d 1-of-1
- Artist Autograph Parallel - On-Card Autographs

Insert Sticker Cards:

- Authors of Their Own Misfortune, by Tom Bunk - Famed GPK Artist, Tom Bunk, does the honors of reimagining famous literary authors with a GPK twist - [1:3 Packs - Display Box Exclusive!]
- Wacky Package Prose - New Wacky Packages-themed art - parodying books & magazines. - [1 Per Box - Hobby Collector Exclusive!]
- Book Marked! - Goofy and gross "Keep Reading" slogans. - [1 Per Box - Hobby Collector Exclusive!]

Sketch Cards

GPK Patch Cards - Hobby Collector Exclusive! - #'d to 199:

- Blue Parallel #'d to 99
- Red Parallel #'d to 75
- Gold Parallel #'d to 50
- FoilFractor Parallel #'d 1-of-1

Sketch Cards: Retail + Hobby Display Box Exclusive!

Shaped Sketch Cards: Hobby Collector Exclusive!

- Hobby exclusive die-cut Sketch Cards.

Triptych Sketch Cards: Hobby Collector Exclusive!

- 3-Panel fold-out sketch cards.

GPK IRON-ON PATCH - 1 Per Hobby Collector's Box!:

Trick out your favorite jacket or backpack with the Hobby Collector's exclusive GPK Iron-On Patches, featuring your favorite crudest and rudest GPK characters!

8 Boxes Per Case, 24 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack

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